If you are about to embark on a move to Berlin or to one of the many cities in the Federal State of Brandenburg and would like professional assistance to make the challenge of all aspects of your transition a bit of a breeze and an occasion to pleasantly look back on, then do not hesitate to contact away from home.


Having worked in the field of relocation as the Office Manager with an Embassy overseeing  arrangements for the settling in and out of a regular turnover of staff for many years in various cities throughout Germany, away from home comes equipped with a wealth of experience to assist you and your family in all aspects of moving house in the most comfortable, efficient and cost-effective way possible. Moving is rarely simple, often stressful and it generally involves a lot of preparation and hard work.


away from home relocation service will be there throughout to assist you not only on your arrival, but also well before you relocate to Germany. We will also be there to assist you  throughout the duration of your stay in country and of course, whilst you are preparing  for your departure.